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Food items after the harvest can be stored inside these bags and closed. Such bags need to be kept in basket / plastic tray for ventilation. There is no need to use the refrigerator. Biopolymer coated cotton fabric bag has broad antimicrobial activity and prevents the microbes menace.  

Smart Packaging of Post Harvest Storage of Grains and Pulses 

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None of the normal packaging material is capable of removing moisture during storage. It is well known that presence of moisture is a major cause of deterioration. Medicinal or Aromatic plants herbage when packed inside these bags, they stay from microbial attack for a long time.

Post harvest management of Aromatic/ Medicinal Plants


It is well known that hearing aid & optical are sensitive to moisture and hence safe storage and long-term usage are desired. However, the presence of high humidity causes malfunctioning of instruments and aggressive temperature & high humidity is the cause of concern

Safe Storage of Hearing Aid and Optical Instruments