VCI Bags                COWPEA Storage bags           Eco Smart Bags

Thermoplastic film PP/PE impregnated with organic chemical nitril.


Vapour release on continuous basis



Recyclable but not biodegradable


Storage and transportation of metal parts


Thin film with various width

The Biopolymer bags by Everest Bio has been developed and manufactured in India and possesses better properties compared to the available solutions. GIven below is a high level comparison of the products available in the market.


2 Layer of HDPE covered with 1 layer of woven PP. 



Oxygen Supply is cut off inside the bag, thus inhibiting corrosion.



Recyclable but not biodrgradabable.


Post harvest of cowpea grains without any chemical insecticides.


550 x 900 mm, 50kg capacity


1 layer biopolymer coated cotton covered with 1 layer of woven PP


Moisture is prevented from entering inside the bag by biopolymer layer.


Reusable and biodegradable


Post harvest storage of grains, pulses, oil seeds for long time


550 x 900, 50kg capacity